Northeast United Methodist Church is an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfulling, socially just community of faith in the United Methodist tradition in Northeast Minneapolis.
Northeast United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
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April 2018 Newsletter

From the Pastors Desk…


Since January of this year, our church has donated nearly $2000 to the Bridge for Homeless Youth, the Heifer Project and UMCOR.  This is money OVER AND ABOVE our operational giving.  I am in awe and humbled by these gifts.  I am in awe when I think about the impact that these monies make in the lives of people and our planet—our little church! sharing love and resources with some of the most vulnerable people in our neighborhood and our world!  And I am humbled because I know that when folks in our community of faith give money, that we give sacrificially.
Thank you so much for giving.

May generosity be our first impulse as people of faith.  May we continue to make the choice to open our hearts and our wallets for good in this world.  May we continue to practice the deeds and the grace that leads us to peace.  May there be peace on Earth.  May peace begin with us and our everyday choices.  Blessings, Pastor Sarah

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  ~Anne Frank



From the Garden

Thoughts about gardening knowing our future change of leadership I feel a bit of melancholy.  I think about Franklin and Uri not barking at me or of Sarah not calling out to them to come inside because they’re barking too loudly, as I pass to the compost bin or the herb garden.  I start to wonder if they’ll be fond of their new neighbors, will they dislike the mailpersons and squirrels in Duluth as much as here.  I know the boys will continue to bark to protect Sarah in their new home and a new compost bin will be built there.  I will have to make the trek north to help them start some new garden beds since I can’t imagine them not having a garden or of myself not being able to help.  We will stay here to care for the gardens we have started together in 2011 and love them just the same because it is who we are now, caring for our earth and community.  Our mission is a part of us, together or apart we care for our earth, our church, each other. So, we plant the prayers, the seeds, the garden.  It is Spring, resurrection. We continue to grow, reap and harvest our love to sustain us.  I know we are blessed even if I feel a bit melancholy.


I had mentioned in an earlier newsletter that I have been reading gardening books about permaculture gardening.  There are multiple terms that describe this gardening style, food forests or ecological gardening and more. The thing that seems most in common is they are trying to provide the most ecologically sustainable gardens with the least amount of work or use of water or fertilizer.  The writers share that some of what they are doing needs more years of observation to be sure.  Some state some of their practices are adopted from observing ecosystems in nature.  Some are historic practices adopted from Native Americans. It seems much of what I have read are common sense ideas.  Instead of clearing land to plant our food we should be observant and study how we can plant along with nature to feed nature as well as ourselves with out as much disruption.  It does sound like these styles of gardening or farming looks a bit messier, more like nature in the wild.  I am not intending on trying to change our whole way of gardening but maybe we could incorporate parts where it seems to fit easily.  Perhaps we can try adding some of the plants that naturally add nitrogen to our soil or lure the bad bugs away from our vegetables.  Or adding more mulch and less digging and watering.

With April starting on Easter Sunday, it will be time for me to start sharing the gardening to do lists.  I do hope you will find where to plug yourself in to the different volunteer tasks.  Also consider planting an extra row for the Food Shelf or an extra container of tomatoes.  I hope you remember you are welcome at our communal community garden to feed yourselves and family.  Remember to invite others in our community to join in gardening with us as well just like our communion table, all are welcome.  I don’t foresee much change in our gardening schedule unless we need to tweak a bit for our new pastor.  We will try to provide more communication via web or sign up genius this year.  I think we will still consider Wednesday the common community day to garden.  We will try to have a gardener on site that knows what is planted where and is usually able to help teach and identify plants to others that are not as sure what is what.   Depending on the weather on Wednesdays we will garden 10 am – Noon and 4 pm to 7pm.  Other daytime hours and days are okay for gardening as well as your schedule permits.  If you only have a half hour that is all good or just come to the garden to sit and enjoy the fruits of our little piece of NE.

I would like to share with you goals I set during a fall weekend with Earthkeeper’s, I needed to identify a project. I don’t expect you to take on my goals as yours but it would be wonderful if you choose to help as you are able. The hope is twofold, to encourage Minneapolis and Columbia Heights to allow the planting of vegetables along with the flowers in their parks so that homeless folks will know they are able to find healthy food in our parks. I am also identifying a person or family to mentor or a partner who wants to learn to raise vegetables.  The hope is to have the person(s) join us in our community garden this summer to help them learn to garden and to be able to have their own garden the following year. I would then drop in to assist them in their garden occasionally as needed.  Since I am not always in the garden my hope is that when I am not on hand to be mentoring, those of you that are present will help with questions as much as possible. Earthkeepers is a three-year commitment, the next two summers I would bring on new people to mentor provided we are comfortable with continuing. If you have questions or concerns feel free to chat with me.  I would like you to know that Ashley Carlson and her family will be gardening with us this 2018 gardening season.  She has gardened some but thru an introduction by her great aunt we met last month to discuss my project and her interest in gardening.  Ashley and I will be making a tour of the gardens this week.  At this time I believe Ashley and her family will probably work with us on Wednesdays. I will try to make a point of introducing all of us to each other and hope our relationships will grow. 

Thank you for your support.  Sara Jane VanAllen



You are invited to join us


Miriam Circle’s Meeting

on Monday, April 9, at 6:30 p.m.

in the NE UMC Social Hall.

We will be working on a Collaborative Mosaic Project.

The idea for the project began last summer with Sharon and Sue Carley’s

donation of a small water fountain

and our project of Creating Mosaic Triangles and Peace Pavers.

The plan is for a smaller, shallow mosaic-covered

concrete water fountain feature to be set

in the garden near the SE corner of the church.

The design will be laid out flat to enable many people to work together

 to glue the colored glass to the mesh.

 (Similar to what we did with the small triangles.)

This summer, after the base is in place, the mosaic sheets will be applied and grouted in place.  It will add a bit more color to our garden!

It will be fun to do – a bit like a jigsaw puzzle!

(There will also be future opportunities

to work on the mosaic in the coffee shop.)

Need more information?  Call Sara Jane 763-781-1860



Miriam in May

Mark your calendar for our “field trip” on May 7!

We will be visiting the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN) – a media and technology center located in the heart

of the arts district in NE Minneapolis.  They provide an accessible platform for media creation and technology training, and give our community a platform to share their voice with a larger audience.

We will meet at 5:30 p.m. at church and

car pool to 820 18th Avenue NE.  

The 30-minute tour will begin a 6:00 p.m.

Afterwards we’ll have dinner/dessert at a local restaurant.



Dear most reverend bishops, priests, pastors, religious, and other friends:

I want to share with all of you information regarding the next campaign Asamblea de Derechos Civiles is organizing, and invite you to consider several ways you and your congregations or parishes can get involved:


1) Join the procession to the Capitol at any point (you can walk with us for one hour or the whole 10-12 hours)

2) Come during the fasting days (any weekday from Tuesday, April 24 through Friday, May 4) anytime between 7am & 7pm. I will be praying every day at 7:30am, 12:30pm, and 6pm and anyone is welcome to join me for a half-day, full-day, or multi-day fast and to meet with your house representative and senator.

3) During your religious service, speak about this campaign and invite your congregation to participate by coming to the Capitol, or sending to letter to their reps & senators

4) If you or anyone from your congregation wants to do a civil disobedience, please let us know so that we can coordinate with you. Each one of our actions in nonviolent and we know that preparation and coordination for civil disobedience is important so that both those participating and those not participating in civil disobedience can be clear about what they are doing and be safe.

5) If your church or someone from your community wants to contribute to our organization, donate online or You can mail a check to 3805 E. 40th St., Suite 102, Minneapolis, Mn. 55406.

May God bless you all,

Antonia Alvarez



Emma Norton's Annual Dinner & Silent Auction

Please join us, May 7th, as we gather in the spirit of philanthropy and community, to celebrate our past and look forward to the impact we can achieve, together on the journey to end homelessness.


Check-in, Social Hour, and Silent Auction begin at 4:30,

Dinner and Program starting at 6:15

Minneapolis Marriott Northeast

7025 Northland Drive North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, 55428


Questions regarding registration, donations of silent auction items, or to volunteer at the event,

please contact Jayne Overstreet at or 651-251-2662

 We are genuinely grateful for your support of our mission to end homelessness in our community, and we look forward to seeing you May 7th!


670 Robert Street North / Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101 / 651-224-1329


April Calendar

Sunday 4/1- Easter


Monday 4/2-No Adult bible study


Tues-Thurs 4/3-4/5 Neighborhood Children’s house on Spring break


Wednesday 4/4-6:15pm World religions, Buddhism, confirmation at Faith UMC


Thursday 4/5-7:00pm NE Community Band Concert at NE UMC


Sunday 4/8-10:15am Worship                 

10:15am Sunday school


Monday 4/9- 10:00am Adult Bible study

 6:30pm Miriam Circle, Social hall


Tues-Thurs 4/10-4/12-900am-3:30pm Neighborhood Children’s house


Wednesday 4/11-6:15pm Dating and relationships-Body image, confirmation at Faith UMC


Thursday 4/12 11:30am Brown Bag Community Gardening meeting, Social hall


Saturday 4/14-6:00pm Community meal


Sunday 4/15-10:15am Worship service

 10:15am Sunday school


Monday 4/16-10:00sm Adult Bible study

 1:00pm Foot Clinic


 Tues-Thurs 4/17-4/19 9:00am-3:320pm Neighborhood Children’s house


Wednesday 4/18-6:15pm Dating and relationships continued, families and roles, divorce, confirmation at Faith UMC


Saturday 4/21-Arlys Benjamin’s funeral

                       10:00am visitation

         11:00am funeral followed by a luncheon

                       6:00pm Community meal


Sunday 4/22-10:15am Worship

                      10:15am Sunday school


Monday 4/23- 10:00am Adult bible study


Tues-Thurs 4/24-4/26 9:00am-3:30pm Neighborhood Children’s house


Sunday 4/29-10:15am Worship service

                      10:15am Sunday school


Monday 4/30-10:00am Adult bible study