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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Wedding Planning Guide

Membership at Northeast United Methodist Church is not a requirement to use our sanctuary for your wedding ceremony.  We encourage you both to create a meaningful service for the both of you. The pastor will work with you, if you desire, to create a holy and unique ceremony celebrating your love. NE UMC celebrates love in all its forms: Love is love is love is love is love...

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Early Planning

1. Make your decisions early.  Once you know the date you would like for your wedding, contact the church. You must meet with a pastor before a date can be confirmed. The earlier you decide the better. Sometimes it is possible to schedule more than one wedding on a given day, but the time available may not meet your expectation or needs.

2. You will want to meet with the pastor of Northeast UMC for preliminary discussions about the wedding. Both people getting married should attend that meeting. Topics will include scheduling issues, the service, and your questions.

In addition, future meeting dates will be scheduled.

 The Wedding Service

1. Marriage is a sacred and holy event. The Service of Marriage is actually a worship service, offered by NEUMC, as part of its ministry.

2. Weddings are very personal. They are also matters of deep importance to the Christian community, the Church.

   a. You are encouraged to discuss your ideas concerning the service with the pastor. Together you will decide on any changes or additions to the order of service.

  b. The involvement of other persons in the service, lay  or clergy, will only be with the consent of the pastor. In the case of clergy, the pastor of NE UMC will invite others to participate.

  3Recording -audio, video or photos - is permitted only when it does not detract from the religious emphasis of the service. Video cameras must be stationary during the service and located at the pastor’s discretion.

4. The wedding service is an “open” service, however, most people will be there at your invitation. Sanctuary seating is limited to about 275 persons. Overflow seating can accommodate an additional 50 - 75 persons.


In planning your wedding, please keep costs in mind. The church does not view weddings as a way to raise funds. In reality, the church portions of a wedding’s expenses are minimal. However, we do expect our costs will be covered, the charges are as follows:



 Social Hall &



Social Hall






1. Any use of the church building requires a $200.00 deposit.

2. If Pastor Sarah will be counseling and/or preforming the ceremony, there will be a separate sliding of fee of $100-$300 dollars. (To be worked out with her.) 

3. The use of the Sanctuary by a non-member is  $600.00.  

4. All building use is at the discretion of the Board of  Trustees and changes must be approved by them. Payment to NEUMC for facility use should include custodian fee; no fee is to be paid directly to the custodian.

5. $200 needs to be paid when the reservation is made to secure the date desired.

Wedding License

The State of Minnesota requires that you have a Minnesota wedding license in order to be married. This is done at the Office of the County Clerk in the county in which one of the parties resides. The license should be brought to the rehearsal.

Other Information

1. The church building is not air-conditioned.

2. Flowers: You may plan to have fresh flowers for your  wedding. The church does not have facilities to keep flowers overnight. Please arrange for the florist to deliver them during hours when the church building is open. On Saturdays, this is approximately an hour and a half prior to the service. Church office hours during the week are Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm. 

3. Social Hall: If you plan to use the Social Hall, please indicate that when you plan your wedding. There are additional costs for use of the Hall and a member of the church must be present if it is used. If the United Methodist Women’s group is asked to serve the reception, separate arrangements must be made with them.

     Contact church office: 612-789-7462

4. Do not throw rice or confetti indoors or outdoors. No glitter anywhere. Please use birdseed or bubbles outdoors only after the wedding service.

5. Aisle runner. The church does not have an aisle runner. If you wish to use one, they can be obtained through your florist. The runner should be 50 feet long.

6. Questions? If you have questions or would like further information, please contact the church office at  (612) 789-7462 between 10:00am - and 2:00pm Monday - Thursday.

7. No food or beverage is allowed in the sanctuary.

8. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the church prior to or during the rehearsal; prior to or during the wedding, or on church property. Please insist that no one in the wedding party is intoxicated at the rehearsal or wedding. If they are, they will be removed from the property and not permitted to participate in the service.

9. Pianist & vocalist available upon request.  


Other information…

Premarital counseling by the pastor is not required for couples but is strongly recommended either with a pastor or other licensed professional. Also, there is a significant discount on marriage licenses for couples that go through premarital counseling.

Apply for the marriage license at the office of the Clerk of District Court in the County Courthouse of the county where the couple currently reside. If you are residents of Hennepin County, the license can be obtained at the Hennepin County Service Center at one of these locations:

Government Center: 300 S. 6th St., Downtown Minneapolis

Brookdale and Ridgedale Shopping Centers

Hennepin County Library, 7701 S. York Ave.

There is a five-day waiting period. The license is to be delivered to the minister by the bride or groom no later than the time of the rehearsal.

Please designate a person to walk through the church after the service, checking all areas you have used to pick up personal belongings left by the bridal party and guests. Articles left in the church for more than 30 days become the property of Northeast United Methodist Church.


Please keep in mind while making wedding plans that NE UMC does not have a parking lot.


 Building Use Application


*A $200.00 deposit is due when reservation is made.


Today's Date:_______________


Contact Person:______________________________________________________________




Name of Bride and Groom:_____________________________________________________




Phone number:_______________________________________________________________


Emergency contact name:______________________________________________


Phone number:_______________________________________________________________


Will Pastor Lawton be performing the service? ____________________________________


Area Use (check all that apply)

Sanctuary ____

Church Dining Room ____

Fireside room ____

NEUMC Coffee Shop ____


Conference room______


Rehearsal Date _______ Time starting __________Time ending_____________


Event Date __________ Time starting __________Time ending_____________


 The cost for use of the sanctuary for non-members is $600 + an extra $80 for any extra work that the custodian and church staff are required to do.


Amount due $____________


*We ask that the wedding party arrive at the church no sooner than three hours before the



*Any amounts due for room use must be paid prior to the date  of the event.


**All events must be finished by 12:00 midnight.