Northeast United Methodist Church is an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfulling, socially just community of faith in the United Methodist tradition in Northeast Minneapolis.
Northeast United Methodist Church
Thursday, June 21, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
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FAQs About Northeast United Methodist Church

Worship Services 

What time are your services?

Sunday Worship Service takes place at 10:15 a.m., Central Standard Time.  

Where are you located?  

We are on the corner of Lowry Avenue and Cleveland Street N.E. See "How to Find Us" for a Google map.

What time is Sunday School?

Our Sunday School for kids pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade starts at 10:00 a.m., and runs September through May.  Adults are encouraged to use this time to share in conversation (current events), coffee, or personal prayer and meditation (candles and meditation space are provided in the narthex (lobby area)).

What is a United Methodist service like?  
From Pastor Sarah:

Though we have an “Order of Worship” in our Book of Worship, there is no “one way” to organize a United Methodist worship service.  Traditions vary widely, often because they are rooted in culture and geography (United Methodist Churches are all over the world!).  United Methodist tradition is a synthesis of many religious traditions and so we learn from (and borrow) spiritual practices from the Catholic Church, Baptists, Lutherans--anywhere we find grace and light.   

As a worship designer, I think theologically about worship.  We are worshiping (as we sing in one of my favorite hymns) “God of change and glory, God of time and space,” and so worship changes, and uses the elements of time and space.  I know that each person learns and engages with God in different ways.  I am intentional about trying new things in worship and incorporating all the senses in as many ways during one hour of worship.  You can believe that if we are chanting a prayer one Sunday then the next we will be banging a drum and watching a video the next. We may meet in the Sanctuary, or the Social Hall. However, the essential pieces of worship--Prayer and Scripture reading--remain constant. 

Why do Methodists recite the Lord’s Prayer every week?

When we do recite the Lord's Prayer, we pray and share together because we believe Jesus taught us to pray in that way.  We try to do and think and live and pray like Jesus.

Why do you say "sins" and "sinners" instead of "debts" and "debtors" or "trespasses" and "trespassers"?

When Grace United Methodist and Trinity United Methodist decided to merge, the members adopted "sins" as more meaningful and more easily understood.

How many hymns do Methodist churches do on Sunday?

Traditionally, we sing three hymns which are placed at the beginning (the Opening), the middle (the Meditation), and the end of worship (the Closing).  The pastor or the worship committee chooses the hymns to support the Scripture reading for that Sunday.  Many churches now sing a “set” of three or four songs.  There are no “rules” about hymns other than: "Sing with your whole heart!" (John Wesley, founder of the Methodist church)

Do I have to dress up?

Dress comfortably. God doesn't have a dress code.

I'm in a wheelchair. Can I get around easily?

We made an investment in accessibility a few years ago. We have a ramp on the Cleveland St. side of the church that leads to the elevator. The elevator takes you to all floors of the church, and there's wheelchair-friendly seating at the front and back of the sanctuary. We also have accessible restrooms. 

If I attend church, do I have to join?

Though we’d love to have you as a member, you’re not obligated to join us. We understand that some people like to get involved in projects or service work, while others just want to attend worship services. You can do either at Northeast UMC without becoming a member. Whether or not you become an “official” United Methodist is up to you. We’re just happy you’re here!
How do I find out if I'm a member of the United Methodist Church?

Ask. The church secretary or membership secretary will find out.


Do I have to be a Methodist to receive communion?

The United Methodist Church offers open communion to all, and does not have any prerequisite for participation in the Lord's Supper. All means all, regardless of age, race, sex or sexual orientation. [Our hymnal offers the invitation: "Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sins and seek to live in peace with one another."] As Pastor Sarah says, "It's God's table."

Can I be baptized at your church? If I'm already baptized in another denomination, do I have to be re-baptized?

You can be baptized by water and the spirit after instruction in the meaning of baptism. The United Methodist Church practices both infant and adult (believer's) baptism through  immersion, sprinkling, or pouring. We also practice Confirmation when a person who was baptized as an infant may affirm the vows of baptism, become a member of the church universal, and commit to membership in the United Methodist Church, and a local congregation. If you're transferring membership from another congregation--Methodist or otherwise--you do not have to be baptized again. For more detailed information on baptism, visit the website of the United Methodist Church.

Can I take communion if I’m not baptized?


Must I be baptized to marry in a Methodist church? 

Pastor Sarah: No. Methodist pastors, typically, are happy to officiate at inter-faith weddings which could not require baptized participants. Personally, I wouldn't ask.

How can I get baptized if I am in a wheelchair?

We will baptize any body in any way that works. For someone in a wheelchair, sprinkling would probably work best. 

Do you do baptism by immersion?


Can I be baptized if I’m a non-member?

What’s a customary payment for baptism?

There is no payment or fee required for baptism.  Baptism is a sacrament and means of grace.  Grace comes from God and it's free.

How can I be baptized Methodist?

From Pastor Sarah: Let someone in church know that you want to be baptized. We believe one is baptized into the community of faith.  Baptism is meaningful because of the commitment to and the living in the Body of Christ here and now.  I hope when you are baptized (whether as a baby or an adult) that you take seriously and happily the life of discipleship.  We live as disciples of Christ together—in community.


Can we get married in your church?

Members and non-members are welcome to marry in our church. If you want to be married in a United Methodist Church, the pastor needs to know.  If you want to be married in a church and have another pastor officiate, the pastor needs to know.  She, typically, will be happy to invite the officiant to serve. To learn more about getting married at Northeast UMC, visit our Wedding Chapel page. 

Can we get married in a United Methodist Church if we're not baptized in the USA?


Can we use space at Northeast UMC for meetings, weddings or parties?
All building use is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and charges must be approved by them. Payment to Northeast UMC for facility use should include the custodian fee. No fee is paid directly to the custodian. One-half of the use fee is to be paid when the reservation is made to secure the desired date. Any use of the church building requires a $200 refundable damage deposit.

Here is the fee schedule:
                                   Social Hall & Kitchen         Social Hall          Sanctuary           Coffee House
Non-member                 $200                              $100                         $600                     $25
Member                        $100                               no charge               no charge           no charge
When special setup or cleanup is needed, there is a minimum $50 fee for the custodian. This is in addition to the fees stated above. Please note that use of alcohol is not allowed on our premises.
Catering is available. Contact the church office at 612-789-7462 to get the contact information for the catering manager.

Prayer Requests

How can I request prayers for someone in need?

Call 612-789-7462 or just click on this link.


Our vision: To be an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just community of faith in the United Methodist tradition in Northeast Minneapolis.



 10:15 a.m.
 Childcare provided,
up to age 5.
Immediately After Worship
1st Sunday of every month